We have branded T shirts for sale!!

Walking Post have designed and printed T shirts to identify and promote us and what we do. These super T-shirts are available to buy. We will take orders and once we have a reasonable number they will be bulk printed and the T shirts will then be distributed out on walks or can be picked up from South London. The price includes a small donation to help support our work.

I love them! How much?

Price a very reasonable £12.
This price includes small extra payment to help support our work and expand our audience.

Do you have different sizes?

Yes! Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL & 3XL. (Sizes are quite big so a S equates to a size 10-12)

I can hardly wait! How do I get one?

Email us to order. Give us your name,  size(s) and quantity required and we will give you booking details contactwalkingpost@gmail.com 

Once we have enough orders we will let you know the delivery date and how to pick up.

You too could look as cool as us!


Thank you for your support

by Lucy Maddison

I am co founder of the Walking Post website. I love maps, planning routes , walking them with friends and discovering new and interesting places. My day job is a web designer at Lucy Maddison Design.

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