Across London by footpath, green space & waterway


Cockfosters to Carshalton 34 miles / 54 km


Green spaces




Cockfosters to Carshalton 34 miles / 54 km


Green spaces



What is the North to South London trail?

A Walking Post original, this long distance trail stretches 34 miles from Cockfosters in the far north of London all the way to Carshalton in the south. It traverses the capital, connecting footpaths, waterways, woods and other green spaces – some well-known, some entirely surprising. And the best bit? 75% of the route is off-road! Which, when you’re walking across a capital city, is quite something.

why we created this route

There are many circular walks around London such as the Capital Ring and London Loop, but to our knowledge there are none that run north to south, passing right through the centre of London. The challenge was to work out a route that was off-road as much as possible and to incorporate as many of London’s many green spaces and footpaths as we could. We think we have done pretty well, seeing as an amazing 75% is on paths and car-free routes. The result is a 34-mile trail divided into five easy-to-follow sections which all link up with tube or rail stations. They can be combined if you want to walk further or, if you’re very keen, it is possible to walk the route in one day!

Section 1

Cockfosters to Highgate

North to South London Trail Highgate to Baker Street

Section 2

Highgate to Baker Street

North to South London Trail Baker Street to battersea

Section 3

Baker Street to Battersea

North to South London Trail Battersea to Colliers wood

Section 4

Battersea to Colliers Wood

North to South London Trail Colliers wood to carshalton beeches

Section 5

Colliers Wood to Carshalton

London to brighton walk

Why stop at London? Wouldn’t it be fun to extend the route all the way to the coast?  Well guess what, we have!  We have planned and test walked the 7 sections needed to extend the end of the route at Carshalton Beeches all the way across Surrey and Sussex to Brighton and will walk it this summer.  Find out more

The future

We are launching and walking this trail in May 2024 and would love to get the route recognised as an official trail by National Trails

Any questions please get in touch