Our map routes

We have tried to give you lots of different options depending on how you like to follow a suggested walking route.


Most routes have step by step directions and these can also be downloaded as PDFs with a simple map attached.

Walk variations & supporting information

Each walk has suggested variations with ideas to shorten or lengthen a route and how to drive to the starting point if you aren’t taking public transport. We have also provided plenty of suggestions for eating and drinking, along with some history and interesting facts. Most important of all, we’ve included where the toilets are!


Each route has been created in the OS Maps app, and these routes are also live on each map page except urban routes where we are using Google Maps (as this is clearer for an urban setting). You can use these maps on OSMaps, Strava, Apple and Garmin watches and/ or download the GPX files for walks.

What is a GPX FILE?

A GPX file, also known as a GPS Exchange Format file, is simply a text file containing geographic information such as waypoints, tracks, and routes. To use our routes, you can use the GPX files that we orginally created in the OS Maps app and import the data into a choice of apps such as Strava, OSmaps, Apple & Garmin watches. In this way, you can follow the routes in real time using GPS so you never need get lost again!

If you have want to import GPX files, watch our handy videos below which show you how to do this for different platforms.

Import GPX files to OS maps premium

  1. Download appropriate GPX file
  2. Log into your OS (premium) account at
  3. Choose Routes > Import GPX
  4. Your route will be saved in My Routes. You can rename and edit it from there.

Import GPX files to Strava (pro)

  1. Download appropriate GPX file
  2. Log into your account on
  3. In menu click on +
  4. Choose “Create a route”
  5. Click up arrow (upload GPX)
  6. Choose GPX file and Save
  7. You can edit the route and labelling in Strava

Import GPX files to AllTrails (Apple watches)

  1. Download appropriate GPX file
  2. Log into your account on
  3. Hover over ‘Saved’ in the top header and select ‘Create map’
  4. Click ‘Upload from file’ in the left panel
  5. Click and drag your file into the box or hit ‘Browse’ to open your file manager and select your file
  6. Click ‘Next’ to finish the upload
  7. You will see a ‘Route uploaded’ pop-up to confirm your file was uploaded successfully

Import GPX Files to Garmin Explore App 2.9 upwards

  1. Download appropriate GPX file
  2. Log into your account on
  3. Tap  +
  4. Select Import GPX File.
  5. Select a file source.
  6. Select the GPX file.
  7. Select Done.