About us

The Walking Post was founded by Lucy Maddison and Emily Morrison, enthusiastic weekend walkers who regularly head out of London by train to explore the varied countryside of Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire and beyond. 

We noticed that there weren’t many websites out there offering useful and accessible ideas for walking routes out of London, particularly using public transport. With Lucy’s lifelong love of maps and Emily’s background in rail holidays and content writing, the idea of the Walking Post was born! 

When our group first started walking together, we were using existing online routes and written directions. Lucy soon tired of this as we often got lost and the walks just didn’t go where we wanted to go. The game changer was when she got the OS maps app which allowed her not only to plan and store any number of routes but also to track them on GPS so that we NEVER GOT LOST (well hardly ever).This greatly increased the scope and variety of our walking options.

Now, we hope to share as many of our favourite routes as we can, both in map format and also with written directions. You can find out how to use the maps here. We really hope you enjoy using the website. And if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch!

Lucy Maddison

I love maps! I love planning routes. I am the person who, after going anywhere new, plots exactly where they have been. I have always enjoyed walking , hill climbing and swimming outdoors .

I’m excited to share my walks and encourage more people out in the wonderful, accessible countryside around London, ideally by public transport. We appreciate it’s difficult for some to use public transport and have included parking access at stations and car parks for our routes.

Conveniently, my day time job is a web designer  so I have the skills to create a website which combines really well with Emily’s travel industry background (and the odd lovely photo from Lizzie. )


Emily Morrison

I’ve enjoyed walking all my life, but until a few years ago, I wasn’t fit enough to do as much as I wanted to. Hills were a problem. I considered 2 hours of walking a huge achievement and would pay with aching legs the next day.

Then, back in 2017, I decided to take on the Four Peaks Challenge in the Lake District, lost some weight, got fitter and realised that I loved heading out into the countryside at the weekend. Not only that, but I really enjoy exploring the world on foot and have been on walking holidays all over the place from Crete to Peru.

When Lucy suggested the idea of the Walking Post, I jumped at the idea. She is our walking group’s designated route planner and I am a web content writer for a rail travel company by trade so it seemed a marvellous idea to combine our skills and share our favourite walking routes on a dedicated website, as well as promoting the idea of getting out and exploring using public transport.


Below is a press release for our North to South London Trail launching early May 2024. If you have any questions about this or other Walking Post routes and what we do please get in touch.